Picking lipsticks for dusky skin can be really tricky, especially for the occasions After all, you can’t go wrong on your special occasion and for the party, here we have a list of lipsticks that will perfectly complement your olive skin tone and make your look fab! And if you think we’re going to limit this just to browns, then you’re wrong. We have colours ranging from reds to pinks to plums to nudes. Have a look and take your best shade and make yourself more hotty and sexier than ever…go go girls..

Tangerino Is bold:

For the daring girls, this muted orange complements dusky skin tones like no other lipsticks. This rich shade can instantly liven up your face. It adds a brightness to your skin tone, and make you look absolutely perfect.

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Burgundy Is rich:

This deep burgundy shade is excellent for girls with dusky skin a striking look. It adds a touch of drama to your makeup if you are going to do fall makeup this add a perfection to your makeup. With this lipstick no flaky lips or colour settling in the fine lines on your lips all through the ceremonies.

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What’s not to love about this beauty. From the texture to the coverage and the intensity of colour, it is sheer perfection. This one’s a truly moisturising matte balm that stays on forever and the dusky rose colour is just perfect for dusky tone. It is subtle and gorgeous.

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Maple color:

Best nude shade for the dusky skin. The colour is light and understated to give you a look that’s natural, yet intense enough to cover up any discolouration. This makes the dusky color girl more exotic and hot. The formula is just divine. Get it for yourself already.

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Deep Earth:

A velvety mousse-like consistency that dries to a perfect long-lasting matte finish, and the shade is perfectly suited for dusky skin tones for that nude look. Prep your lips as you swipe on the lip colour and wait ten minutes for it to set for a long-lasting finish, this will the best if you are crazy about orangish and pink shade.

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Red lisptick:

If red is your favorite color then go for it, this lipstick is perfect for you. This fiery red is just too gorgeous and will look fab on the dusky girls. This lipstick make you lip moisturized and give the perfect look . It’s the perfect pick for the wedding function.

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Deep red lisptick:

Another shade of red, you will gonna love it, then here comes an awesome matte red lipstick. It is so versatile that it is literally the only lipstick you need to up your best look game. Bright enough for the night yet muted enough for the day. Keep the rest of your makeup and hairstyle simple, and let your lips do the talking, and don’t forget to make you lashes more dramatic with mascara.

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Plum shade:

Oh my my plum shade is sexy if you are scared to wear it don’t be bold lips is the look you’ve been wanting for to look hot, try this option. It isn’t as bright as The Reds but is just as dramatic. Mix up a few shades to get your own signature colour.

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